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    BAFA: Festivals mean business

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    BAFA: Festivals mean business

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    BAFA: Festivals mean business

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    BAFA: Festivals mean business

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    BAFA: Festivals mean business

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    BAFA: Festivals mean business

Members' Benefits

Benefits of joining BAFA:

Networking and Professional Development

  • The BAFA Board is drawn from its membership and facilitates new members’ welcome and introduction to the wider membership network of support and advice
  •  A year round calendar of events including small scale discussion based forums, job specific seminars and the annual Conference for Festivals and A Festival Career conference for students and recent graduates
  • All provide an opportunity for members to meet and share ideas with industry experts ‘Festival Focus’ – present a case study on your festival to your peers.


  • Each member has its own page on the BAFA Website providing exposure to other members, press (see marketing below) and the general public (homepage displays upcoming member festivals)
  • Dedicated members’ resources including contacts at other festivals, press contacts, job opportunities and links to other useful resources. 

Advocating for Festivals 

  • Backing campaigns for the arts and culture sector 
  • Undertaking research including Festivals Mean Business providing a tool which can be used to support funding applications and 'reasons for support'
  • Profiling BAFA Members at industry events and beyond the cultural sector.

Saving on your Festival Insurance 

  • Receive 20% discount on festivals’ insurance with Graham Sykes. This typically will more than cover the cost of your annual BAFA Subscription.

Information and News 

  • Regular e-bulletins on current issues affecting arts festivals and inspiration from members 
  • Details of forthcoming BAFA events
  • News affecting festivals published in the members' area of the website in addition to a library of relevant reference articles
  • Access to BAFA Partner events, discounts and resources.

Marketing Support

  • A biannual BAFA Members Joint Press release (January and May) containing live links to each member’s page on the BAFA Website, sent to the specialist and national press.

It’s Affordable

  •  BAFA Membership is affordable. Membership rates start at just £149 and are based on your annual turnover with a special rate for new festivals in their first two years. Payment by installment is also possible.

It’s Fun

  • Being in BAFA is fun! Conferences are held in fantastic locations, gatherings are friendly and supportive and you get to meet some great people.

What Next?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above further please contact us