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Dragons' Den winners

Dragons' Den Winner announced!

Congratulations Paul Bernstein from London School of Economics

Winner of IFEA Summer Camp place 2016, £250 and BAFA membership

A summary of Paul's pitch:

Winter Around the World will focus on the cultural importance of winter across countries, through immersive performances, spaces, and local foods; a dual focus on education and entertainment. It will take place across heated tents and cold outdoor areas in a large park. Each area will emulate a unique winter environment from around the world, exploring the cultures of winter by immersing patrons in the arts, smells, and tastes of different regions; from the Nordic traditions of solstice and Christmas, to the Chinese winter festival of Dongzhi, to the warm Christmas of Jamaica. Grouped loosely into northern European, east Asian, and South American, each day will feature an array of traditional and contemporary music and dance paired with local food and drink; a festival of cultural diplomacy.

The two fantastic participant teams:

Trushna Khatri from University of Greenwich

The (almost) Solstice

Winner of BAFA membership and 'Focus on Festivals' (Goodfellow Publishers)


Marieke Haneuse, Francesca Marzullo, Giulia Tolotti and Afreeca Taiwo from Greenwich School of Management

12 Eras of Christmas

Winners of BAFA membership